Frequently Asked Questions

Where's the funding coming from?

100% of the funds are coming from private individuals, businesses, other organizations, and fundraising events. Several local businesses and professionals have also donated or discounted their products and services.

How many cottages will you build?

Ultimately, 18-19 cottages. We'll build as many cottages as the land allows under current local and state site-planning regulations. We also plan to build a common building during another phase of this project.

How will furnishings be provided?

We welcome and are receiving donations of furniture and other household items the men will need once the cottages are completed.

Are these cottages for men only?

Yes, although we are exploring how to help women in similar circumstances.

Will the occupants pay rent?

Yes, as they are able, to help meet the operating expenses.

Will there be rules occupants must comply with?

The goal of Second Wind is to walk with people towards restored lives. Part of this restoration does include a code of conduct that is agreed upon when a resident moves into a cottage. No drugs or alcohol are permitted on the premises.

What support services will be available to the occupants?

We're partnering with a wide array of private and governmental agencies to support the men. Christian fellowship and support will be available as well. They will also have laundry facilities available when the common building is completed. We plan to offer life skills training in that building, as well as opportunities for social connections with each other and visitors.

Will Christian studies or practices be required?

No, any faith-oriented opportunities will be voluntary and optional.

What transportation services are available?

The cottages are on the public bus route serving downtown and the whole county. We also plan to connect the men with people who can provide rides to special appointments as needed.

How is this housing different from the Rescue Mission in Ithaca?

The Ithaca Rescue Mission offers a dormitory-style living arrangement and shorter term housing. As an emergency shelter, they provide for a specific need in our area. The goal of Second Wind is to provide an environment for men to have their lives restored and permanently changed. This can be a slow process, but we believe independent living, where each resident can have privacy, is the best way for this holistic transformation to happen. We want the residents to take pride in their own home and be able to adjust from homelessness at their own pace. Each occupant has his own private bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Where do we hope each man will be in 5 years?

We hope each will be able to find other conventional housing so these cottages will be available to help other men. We hope for transformation-- for a day when these men can help others and make a positive contribution to our community.



1435 Elmira Rd
Newfield, NY 14867