Sandra Sorensen

“Working at Second Wind confirms that loving others unconditionally does bring joy and that kind of love is inherently healing.”

Sandy was at a crossroad in her life after leaving her job as an engineer at Hewitt-Packard to homeschool her children. When she received a call to help resolve a crashed computer at Second Wind, she recreated six months of QuickBooks and stayed on as the bookkeeper. Her experiences as a youth coordinator had showed her a love of working with people. When an Executive Director
position became available at Second Wind, she applied.

When she’s not at her desk, Sandy is bound to be on a spontaneous adventure, on a road trip with friends or kayaking, biking, hiking, or swimming. She enjoys travel to the ocean with her husband and five children and curling up to watch The Upside and Death at a Funeral. If she brings her favorite food, it’s raw beets and kohlrabi or greasy burgers and fries.

Sandy’s grandmother modeled how to serve people out of love and not expectation. Sandy carries this example with her into her work in the world.

“I have known in my heart for some time that the point of life is about loving people. This is what brings joy, people being healed by love, it is a beautiful reality that I have the privilege to be part of everyday. God is good.”

Sarah Widercrantz

“Everyone has got their own beauty, it’s not always easy to spot, but it’s always worth looking

In 2013, Sarah came to Second Wind through Community Faith Partners, a non-profit that
helped facilitate the first six cottages. She first joined the construction team, bringing a knack for organizing the materials. Her background in construction and business, alongside a deep love of people, led her to join the board and spend time with the residents. Over the years, she’s worn a
lot of hats. Currently she’s board secretary, part of the residential support staff, and is helping build a chicken coop for a flock of Second Wind hens.

If Sarah is not at Second Wind, she may be found working hands-on managing several local properties ( or involved in any sort of outdoor activity. As a ‘people person’ she loves to connect with others, and is inspired by the resilience of the people around her. She shares her life with her husband Jon, their three children and her mother. She loves God’s holy humor, which can be seen in baby critters and penguins and anybody that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

At Second Wind, Sarah has seen ‘the horizontality of us’ and that there is no ‘fixer and fixee’. She carries a deep love for Jesus and this relationship inspires her life and brings hope.


“The more I follow him, the more I see him in the people around me. Healing happens when we meet people exactly where they are.”

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