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     From September 2013-January 2014, Second Wind built six single-occupancy 16’x20’ year-round cottages for formerly homeless men. The initial 6 cottages were completed and occupied on 1/24/14. In 2015, we finished 3 more cottages and quickly filled them with new residents. With fully-donated labor, and significant discounts on materials, we estimate construction costs of each cottage at $15,000 — not including initial site-costs and utility installation.

     We have engaged the services of an engineer who's developed a site plan for up to 18 similar cottages and a larger community building, to be built in phases. Ultimately, the goal is to complete the site on Elmira Rd. and then to expand where opportunity leads.

     Our vision for the current residents is to walk with them toward restored lives. True restoration in anyone's life takes time, so we do not expect to commonly see vacancies in the cottages. However, when there is an opening, we avidly seek through our waiting list for the right applicant. Our waiting list for prospective new Second Wind residents may be joined by clicking on the link at the top right corner of this page.

     It is important to note that, although the Second Wind Cottages Inc. is a faith-based organization, no decision about housing new residents will be made on the basis of issues of faith, nor will religious practices be required of any resident as a condition of residency.

     Second Wind Cottages are located on the TCAT bus line at 1435 Elmira Rd, Newfield.

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